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Film Castle Festival

The Filmschlossfest took place every year in the enchanted Schloss Beesenstedt . It was created and organized by filmmaker Cyril Tuschi for many years.


In 2012 Hennink Stöve and Monika Anna Wojtyllo ( aka Mr. and Mrs. Director) took over the organization and program planning.


There has been a turning point since 2017. Information on registration at


Ps If you have a castle with a cinema and space for culture and 300 drunken filmmakers, contact us ...




From May 5th to 8th, 2016 we traveled to foreign worlds.


In the newly tuned DCP barn cinema and on the show stage:

Im Sommer wohnt er unten (Tom Sommerlatte), Berlinized (Lucian Busse), Der Nachmahr (AKIZ), Heil   (Dietrich Brüggemann), Der Bunker (Nikias Chryssos), the latest episode Projekt Schooriil (Anne Haug and Melanie Schmidli), a presentation of Datenstrudel (Jörn Hintzer) and a work exhibition by Jan Soldat and much more.


In the wellness wing next door: epicurean delights, a gala dinner, dance music in three flavors (DJ Manu Hendry , D-Trick Beee aka Dietrich Brüggemann himself at the Bechstein  and DJ Starfish aka Sven Wegner) supervised themed saunas, detox yoga and a glamorous Costume ball.


Even the youngsters were lovingly cared for this year: with Veit Helmers Quatsch! in the exclusive early movie program.

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From April 30th to May 3rd, 2015, everything revolved around revolt.


Among other things with the films Wir sind jung, wir sind stark , the invention of love , worst case scenario , playing hooky, Schmittke and Borgmann - presented by the filmmakers Martin Behnke , Lola Randl , Franz Müller , Susan Gluth and Štěpán Altrichter .


Live in the tea- and ballrooms: Aron Craemer's revolutionary dramaturgy kit "How-to-build-a-overthrow blockbuster" , as well as the virtuoso authentic late evening show Projekt Schooriil , by the enchanting shit players Anne Haug and Melanie Schmidli.


After the traditional gala dinner on Saturday evening, our favorite DJ Manu Hendry (The Playfools) turned the turntables and hard disks.


Also: The truth about Jutta and Mirek - Mirek Balonis and Jutta Riedel in a workshop talk about their series project, an improvisation workshop under the direction of Dörthe Eickelberg , as well as Bernhard Marsch's legendary lesson in film history in the midnight cinema.

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The 2014 Film Castle Festival was all about luck, God and money.


The program includes, among other things, Zeit der Kannibalen ( Johannes Naber), Journey to Jah (Noël Dernesch, Moritz Springer), Master of the Universe (Marc Bauder) and two silver bears with Kreuzweg (Dietrich Brüggemann) and Die Ruhe bleibt presented by the filmmakers and Producers involved: Johannes Naber , René Römert , Börres Weiffenbach , Anna Brüggemann and Stefan Kriekhaus . Bernhard Marsch reached into his 35mm archive for the night program and gave us an edifying lesson in film history.


In addition: Axel Hartwig read from Dalton Trumbo's anti-war novel, Aron Craemer presented his directorial debut Half an Hour in a workshop discussion, Dörthe Eickelberg taught us to improvise and Tina Haseney read philosophical about dialectics, the culture industry and enlightenment.

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Half-dead, undead and survivors shaped the 2013 film castle festival.


In the film program among others Big Eden , Kohlhaas or the proportionality of the means (Aron Lehmann), Kaptn Oskar , Betrayal , Tilt , Transpapa , Geister, which I called presented by the filmmakers and actors Peter Döfler , Tom Lass , Viktor Chouchkov , Lena Knauss , Sarah Judith Mettke and Franziska Petri .


Live on the show stage and at the cozy fireplace: the dramaturgy construction kit zombie film under the direction of Aron Craemer , a reading from the wonderful work of Lila von Trautenheim with Leonie Charlotte Adam and a concert by Dietrich Brüggemann's castle chapel Jack Human .


If it all became too colorful, we reanimated ourselfs with detox yoga and Tina Haseney.

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2012 was the first film castle festival under our management.


There were Alarm am Hauptbahnhof , Achterbahn , 12 meters without a head , Khodorkovsky , fat girls presented by the filmmakers and actors involved: Böller & Brot , Peter Dörfler , Sven Taddicken , Cyril Tuschi, Axel Ranisch, Peter Trabner and Heiko Pinkowski.


We looked forward to the directors Sven Bohse (Boom Bros.), Manu Hendry (The Playfools), Dietrich Brüggemann (himself) , DJ Aron (Our Shop) and the musicians Künstler Treu (UFO Hawaii), and Attila Kövesdi on the gramophones, turntables and computers.


In addition: a Datenstrudel workshop, readings by and with Jockel Tschiersch and Felicia Zeller as well as an open-air improworkshop with Peter Trabner .